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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Nude Pumps

Longer Legs

Believe it or not, wearing nude pumps can create the illusion of having longer legs. It is proven that the constant color elongates the look of the legs and ankles to make women appear taller in height. Nude pumps come in various shades to match all skin types. We recommend women go to the department and shoes stores to try on and match the color with their skin tones.

User Friendly

Nude pumps can match virtually any business or business casual outfit in your closet. The neutral color adds a soft tone that will compliment almost any color and design. Nude pumps can be paired up with an all black ensemble for evening or cocktail events. It can also be worn in the day with light pastel or floral designs. Nude also looks great with basic colors such as yellow, blue and red. But nude is best paired with neutral tones such as browns, yellows, oranges, grays, tans and creams.

All Shapes and Sizes

Nude pumps can look great in any texture or style. They can range from leather to patent leather to crocodile embossed to canvas materials. These shoes can be open toe, sling backs, platforms, or mary janes etc. If shoes are leather, make sure to keep up the proper maintenance to ensure the lifetime of the shoe. The proper maintenance includes polishing shoes regularly, keeping them in their original shoe box or shoe bag, and putting them on with a shoe horn.

Louis Vuitton Ornement Tribal Rings

The numerous beads jewelry worn around Masai people’s necklaces not only show off talent and patience but also their positions in society. I guess this is the same with luxurious designer jewelry. The Louis Vuitton ornament tribal rings will delineate not only your fashion sense but also your wealth and social status. The Masai necklace is distinguished by contrasting colors so that they hardly ever put similar colors next to each other. Obviously it is not the same crafting principle of Louis Vuitton jewelry.

There are all together three differently sized Louis Vuitton rings in this ornement tribal collection, which is characterized by vibrantly colored precious stones and harmonious circles. The small elegant ring in white gold is set off by a contrasting band of diamonds, in yellow gold with yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets. The normal sized stunning Louis Vuitton ornament tribal ring highlights two overlapping circles, one of which is accented with an iconic monogram flower. The small tribal ring is available at a price of $4,100.00 while the latter is only available at a price of $8,600.00, and that is not the most expensive one. There is a large ring featuring a spectacular design of overlapping circles and a monogram flower comes along. The ring is indeed beautiful and so does its price tag — $16,400.00.

Business Woman in Style

1.Get Smart, Get an Education: Find a mentor that can guide you and a strong educational system that will stand behind you is byfar the most important ingredient to your success.

2. Find your Niche Market: Find what you get excited about, then see if there is a product out there that matches it or a service that you can provide. Then put your marketing educational to work

3. Start Affiliate Marketing: Its a great place for the new internet marketeer to start. Whenever someone buys something off your link you posted, you get paid for the referrals! Ohh la la… and you didnt even have to break a nail…or a sweat for that matter!

4. You’ll want to Start a blog. People want to know that you have a unique style and opinion.

5. Start reading Self Improvement books. Gear yourself up for Success…and Never Give Up!

Wide Velcro Shoes

A prime example is choosing women’s wide Velcro shoes, which can be associated with a variety of styles. We wanted to provide you with a few examples of shoes that you might consider, proving that styles exist for any occasion or personal preference. Keep in mind, another benefit of women’s wide Velcro shoes is the ease in which they can be put on and taken off. This is beneficial for many situations but for instance, the overweight women that has trouble, being able to slip the foot in and out eliminates embarrassment and encourages independence.

Women’s wide Velcro shoes can be purchased from most brick and mortar shoe stores, as well as through online stores. In fact, if you decide to buy via the internet, chances are you would find a much greater selection and sometimes, lower prices but both options would be worth exploring. The following are popular types of Velcro shoes that are ideal for women with wide feet.

o Aerosoles – These shoes are actually very popular and stylish so finding a store where they are sold would actually be quite easy. The next decision would be choosing a particular style appealing to you most. Women’s wide Velcro shoes such as these look and feel great for every woman but they are exceptionally beneficial for people with any type of physical limitation, such as arthritis.

o Heels – If you love sexy heels, you are like most women but if you have wide feet, finding a pair that fits can be a little more challenging. However, many top designers now offer heel designs that use Velcro. A great example would be the company Sketchers. They now have several options for women’s wide Velcro shoes. Materials include canvas, leather, and fabric and the heels could be something over the top such as gladiator shoes or a more casual summer strappy sandal.

o Athletic Shoes – Probably one of the most popular types of women’s wide Velcro shoes is the athletic shoe. Most of the favorite brands now offer a wide selection of styles and colors, and most are very affordable. As an example, New Balance has long been considered one of the best athletic shoes on the market, used by professional athletes. Whether needing a Velcro shoe for walking, jogging, or cross training, you will have wonderful choices.

o Boots – Even boots now fall into the category of women’s wide Velcro shoes. Whether you need boots for shoveling snow from the driveway, going out for a night on the town, or spending time hiking in the woods, you have incredible options. One consideration would be Timberland, boots made with high quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as unrivaled style.