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Stunning Shades of Purple Hair For A Edgy New Look

Are you longing for purple hair? Are you feeling the urge to dye your hair a fun new color but haven’t quite mustered up the courage yet?

Purple hair is very in right now. And why not? Anything goes when it comes to hair colors and style these days.

Purple is the color of passion. As well, it is the color of honor and royalty. So why not treat yourself like the queen you are and dye your hair purple?

There are so many stunning shades of purple hair: from eggplant to lavender to indigo to amethyst, the options for purple shades are endless!

If you don’t want to go too bold, you can simply color your tips purple or get purple streaks throughout your hair. Also, a good option, are ombre fades and balayage tones for a perfect blend of purple. And you can match the purple to your haircolor. Darker hair works nicely with shades like eggplant and mauve while lighter hair colors blend nicely with lilac and periwinkle. However, like we said before, anything goes when it comes to hair these days!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our top looks for purple hair and get ready to embrace a funky new style!

Pretty Shades of Purple Hair To Try This Summer

  1. Shoulder Length Bob with Eggplant Highlights

This shoulder-length choppy bob is super cute on  its own if you are looking for a shorter style. However, the pretty eggplant purple gives it that extra burst of color. With raven black roots blended with deep purple highlights, this color is sexy and daring, but not over the top.

Ask your stylist for varying, short layers throughout to add fullness. The purple hues will add dimension to this sassy cut.

To style, apply a volumizing mousse and then blow dry your hair with a round brush, lifting as you go to add more volume. Flip sections back to give it some lift. Then tousle your hair and let your hair fall seductively over your face for a sexy bedhead look.

  1. Purple Mermaid Hair

This look is perfect if you can’t decide on what shade of purple you like best. Start with darker roots and go for a blend of funky purple shades such as neon purple, lilac and light purple and even though in some electric blue hues to really make this color combo pop!

To style, blow dry your hair upside down to add more bounce and then if you have curly hair, use a curling product to define your curls. If your hair is straight, make sexy waves with a large barrelled curling iron to add some dimension.

This cut is very pretty with its long layers and v-cut in the back if you want to keep your hair long and just go for a new style.

Are you ready to throw caution to the wind and try one of these positively gorgeous purple hair colors? We think you’ve got what it takes to pull off this sexy new color!

Stunning Silk Top

Silk tops and blouses are available in a wide array of different sleeve styles. You can find them completely sleeveless and those with full batwing sleeves flowing down to your wrists. The style you pick is a factor in practicality. It all depends upon the situation or event for which you intend to wear it. This could be for everyday wear, evening wear, for a cold day, a hot day or for anything in between. Consider pairing the wide batwing sleeves with a workaday smart jacket. You will wish, instead, you had chosen something without sleeves or with a cap-sleeved design. Stunning silk blouses with long and wide sleeves stand best alone on a warm summer night or beneath a shawl, cape or wide-sleeved coat. In this instance, they look amazing and are still the practical choice.

If you are looking for the overall and most wearable sleeves of silk blouses, look no further than those that are short-sleeved or cap-sleeved. These styles of silk blouses or silk tops are suitable for any number of events and occasions. They sit comfortably and neatly beneath the jacket, sweater or other comparable apparel without any unattractive or painful rucking or wrinkling. Wear tucked into or over a skirt or pants and show off your arms or drape a shawl over top. Alternatively, decide to wear one of the fashionable and fitted long-sleeved silk tops that run from shoulder to wrist.

If you want to make a stunning and unique statement for a wedding, christening or other special event, or even if you just want to appear stylish at work, nothing is better to accomplish this than sleeveless silk tops. They are practical for all occasions and particularly perfect for summer wear. The beautiful colors resulting from the production methods together with the gorgeous luster of the 100% pure fabric show off a summer suntan flawlessly. The fabric is also amazingly cool when the thermometer starts to rise.

Slim Lambskin Gold Clutch

The collection she worked with cooperation of fashion icon Louis Vuitton certainly stirred waves in luxury industry and acquired decent sales at the beginning. Then it faded away as expected within the flooding new products in the market. That’s not surprised as Ms.Coppola has been boasting about her conception on practicability rather than style and beauty. Oh gosh, lady! This is the fashion world. We are not selling sandbag, we are promoting luxury.

Take this Slim Lambskin Gold clutch for example. I have to admit that it is so useful. It measures with 8.3″ x 5.1″ x 1.1″ which is a suitable size to handle for any daily occasion. Ms. Coppola once stressed her ideal specification on bag in an interview,” It fits all your things but isn’t too big and isn’t too heavy”. I believe that she and LV designer must have spent a lot to choose a handy size. The clutch is made of a whole piece of delicate gold metallic lambskin. The shinning and eye-catching design will surely make you on the spotlight of a party or nightclub paired with a smoothing evening gown. With the dark brown lambskin and micro fiber lining, it features two components and three slots for cards inside. You won’t fall in trouble with crunching space and fragile inner lining. When Ms. Coppola said,” We went through a lot of prototypes but it was fun. It was always exciting to get a new one and I would try them out and add things.” she must have been extremely serious and spared no effort on extending endurance of her collection. That’s admirable.

However, Ms. Coppola went too far on functionality. The overall design of the bag is just another cliché from Louis Vuitton which has been an expert to revamp its classical designs with minimum alterations for years. The abundant femininity exuding from the Slim Lambskin Gold clutch is attractive for any females. Yes, women from 8 to 80 all can grab it. What could be worse when you own an exactly same bag as your mother, even grandmother? Furthermore, the color is a little bit lack of vitality as well as luxury. The mediocre choice will make both young and sophisticated fashion aficionados hard to enjoy it by heart. But maybe that’s is what Ms. Coppola was searching for, as she admitted “I wanted a bag that I could use every day that was coming from the heritage of Louis Vuitton’s great leather goods, not connected to the fashion side of the brand.”

Info of Louis Vuitton Wallets

Louis Vuitton creates wallets, handbags, and full lines of luggage as well as other accessories. Their entire product lines are made from only the most exquisite materials available in the world. And their long tradition to excellence guarantees you only the best products.

But wait just when you thought their line of accessories ended there, along came the most fabulous shoes ever. Their shoes are created in Venetia where the world’s finest cobblers live. This are of Italy has always had the finest cobblers and today those skills are being used to bring drop dead gorgeous shoes to women around the world.

And it all began back in 1854 when Vuitton opened his first store in Paris. By 1885 he had opened a store in Oxford London and we could say the rest is history as today Louis Vuitton is strong around the world.

Women spend a great deal of time on their wardrobes and on looking good and women also realize that looking good doesn’t stop with your clothing. Your fashion statement includes your accessories. This means jewelry, hats, shoes, handbags, and even your wallet.

Now think about it. What could make more of a statement then removing a Louis Vuitton wallet from your purse to pay for your purchase? You’ll instantly be recognized as a woman with a fashion sense that’s a step above the rest.

And don’t worry. Contrary to what you believe a Vuitton wallet is within your budget. And if your budget is really so tight that you cannot afford the real thing then consider a replica.

Now wait I didn’t say knockoff. Knockoffs are illegal. Replicas are not and can be purchased at your local department store or online. Replicas simply take the look and feel of the designer bag and then create something similar. It’s a great way for the diva on a dime to get that designer feel without the price tag. And they are made from quality materials that are designed to last too.

About Womens Flipflops

become so flattering that they are now suitable to wear with dresses, skirts, slacks, and jeans. Of course, flip flops and shorts will always go well together! Flip flops come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some have heels, and some are flat. Some have the traditional rubberized soles, while others are made of leather, wood, plastic, and a huge variety of other types of materials. When it comes to flip flops, anything goes, and all things are possible!

Flip flops are very flattering when worn with Capri style pants. In fact, it seems that the Capri style pants are what made flip flops more attractive to women. Designers were forced to sit up and take notice. They finally realized that women will not be content with the same old – ugly – style flip flops that were available for years in a one-size, one-style fits all fashion. Today, women want their footwear – even their flip flops – to be fashionable and stylish – and designers have answered that demand!

Many famous designers now have flip flop designs out on the market, and there are shoe companies that specialize only in flip flop sandals. Because each woman has an intricate style of her own, many of them even decorate their flip flops to make them even more stylish and unique.

Flip flops are not as cheap as they once were either. Of course, you can still find the old style of flip flops and purchase a pair of those for less than three bucks, but the more stylish – cute – flip flops cost quite a bit more. Some women even pay upwards of $100 for a pair of flip flops – and flip flops by famous designers go even higher!

Aside from the overall appearance of the shoe, many flip flop designers have taken more of an interest in comfort and support when it comes to flip flop designs as well. There are many styles of flip flops on the market today that feature arch support. The thong that goes between the toes is often made of the softest leather to keep the material from rubbing blisters between the toes as well. Comfort, support, fit, style, and design are all factors when new flip flops are made today!

About Louis Vuitton Outlet Store

You need to be careful when you are purchasing a Louis Vuitton handbag that is not in one of there boutiques or approved stores such as Neiman Marcus because this brand of handbag is one of the most copied brands throughout the world. It makes sense that a handbag that so many people want to own but is so expensive would be replicated. When you are searching you must be aware that a lot of the copies do not use the best oxidising leather and do not have serial numbers so these can be dead giveaways.

Some people do not mind buying a replica but if you spend a lot of money on a Louis Vuitton handbags and you think it is real you should not be buying a fake. You will also see on many of the auction sites that they are selling Louis Vuitton Handbags at a discount price and in most cases is it is use then the price can be lower but if it is brand new and the price is to good to be true then is probably is.

Tailoring Your Seduction

Seduce women with style, it is not the clothing that makes the man, it is the man who makes the clothes

Your clothes need to be you above all. If you are a lumberjack, flannel and jeans might do you well; a surfer a stylish sweater, shorts and sneaks; a cowboy may wear jeans a big belt buckle and fancy shirt. You can get the idea with these extremes. Your clothes need to be an extension of who you are. Dressing up in a billowy renaissance shirt and fancy buckled pants may be stylish but just make you look like a gay clown. Now, if you are a gay clown, that would be great, otherwise avoid extreme fashion. Just find a “look” that is you and stick to it consistently.

Learning the fashion that seduces women

Fashion changes fast. As a rule of thumb I say ignore fashion. Find that style that is “you” and stick to it in general. This does not mean that fashion plays no part. There are clothes that simply look better than others, slight differences in color that can do stuff like, “bring out your eyes”. For this reason I recommend that you have 1-2 girl friends (just platonic friends) that are of a rough age and type of the girls you are interested in. Let them know what “style” you want to project and let them loose shopping for you. All you have to do is veto anything that puts you out of your “style” zone and you will get some pretty fashionable threads.

Fashion in Mature Women

Many mature women continue to maintain a superior sense of style as they want to look and feel their best every time they go out. Women’s fashion does allow for women, of any age, to be able to dress in style regardless of the occasion. Some women struggle, once they reach a certain age, with choosing styles that are considered appropriate for their age. These tips will guide you in choosing the best styles for you.

First don’t change who you are, meaning always dress for your personality. Just because you are a mature women does not mean you have to change your personal style. You need to feel good about what you are wearing. How a person looks and feels effects their self-confidence. Just because you are mature women doesn’t mean you should have a bland wardrobe. Choose colors that reflect you and styles that you are comfortable in. This will take you to the styles that will fit your body type along with your age. If you are a mature women then you do not want to have a wardrobe that can be mistaken for your teenager’s closet.

Women’s fashion has many options that you can be stylish at any age. You will need to shop in the right stores because fit is key in looking stylish. If you are shopping for a dress, don’t shop in the junior’s department because these dresses will have a teenage look to them. Do shop in a store that carries outfits true to your age, these styles will minimize your problem areas and show off your other areas. This will give you the perfect balance you need in being fashionable and looking vibrant.

You will want to choose accessories that accent your outfit, this will give you a polished look. Accessories are much more than jewelry or watches, experiment with a stylish scarf. Have fun with the accessories, this will finish that look you are wanting in your style.

Retirement Style

In evaluating the above styles, I’ve been retired 7 years and I have experience each one of these variations. So, I don’t believe you get stuck in any one style. The two above styles that produce the most stress are the Easy Gilders and the Retreaters. The problem with easy gilding is that once you get bored or feel too isolated, you have no plan to grow. Some people then get anxious and depressed. The Retreating style is common to some extent since we are out of the working world. However, too much retreating also leads to isolation and depression.

It’s no surprise that they found the happiest retired folks were involved in a variety of activities. I always felt the best experience of life is through doing, not watching, as this confirms. That’s why I strongly recommend writing a retirement plan with a ton of interesting options for yourself. I can only recommend coping styles that involve social engagement because that is so important after work contacts diminish.

The second half of the study focused on the different retirement experience for husbands and wives who retire at different times. They found that recent retired women are more depressed when compared to the not yet retired or continually retired. This is even more pronounced if the husband is still at work.

They also found the recently retired men have more conflict with their partner compared to working men. This becomes even more pronounced if their wife is still working. If the men decide to become re-employed, their morale is higher with less martial conflict.

What is the COMMON SENSE CONCLUSION here? First, this martial conflict or unhappiness is an indication of a stressful adjustment for both men and women. It’s always more difficult doing something new on your own. Some retirement adjustments may take up to three years especially if you don’t have a plan. In the book, I discuss how to anticipate your partner’s reaction and design a plan before it occurs.

Second, they note that women tend to become more depressed and men more angry. I view this as a historical gender specific coping style. That is, it seems men and women are predetermined to respond in these ways when stressed. Once an adjustment is made, of course, your emotions become more stable and your return to your contort zone.

Third, if men are happier when re-employed, this may be the best retirement style for that group. It’s true that some people cannot adjust to retirement. Some people have found their passions in their existing work to be so profound and satisfying, there is no desire to retire. This is the style of the Continuer above and many life long dedicated people fall into this category.

Flashback to Femininity

Women moved away from wearing dresses, as the main clothing style, starting in the 1960s, when the jeans explosion began and the women’s revolution took hold. The 1960s were also filled with capri pants, giving women even more choices away from dresses and skirts. Towards the end of the 1960s jeans and pants were being worn more often than dresses. Today there is a surge of women’s dresses popularity. While women still wear jeans, shorts and other forms of clothing, dress popularity is on the rise.

The rise in the popularity of dresses can be attributed to the new vintage dresses popularity, as worn by Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese. But more than just those two Hollywood stars, dresses are being flaunted by all TV and movie stars. The vintage styles such as pin up girl dresses and pencil skirt styles, are part of a rising fashion craze.

Vintage styles are more popular as dresses because, historically speaking, women wore dresses almost 100% of the time. Indeed, women even wore “housedresses” while cleaning house and doing chores at home. Dresses were the essence of femininity. While women may still enjoy wearing dresses, there was a time period when dresses were considered as the only proper clothing for women, which created a sense of forced style. Pointedly not wearing dresses, or being refusing to be forced to wear dresses, was part of the women’s revolution. Now, with women’s rights being more prevalent, though still not complete, women can feel more comfortable wearing dresses to work, without feeling as though they will be seen as too feminine.