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How an Anti Fatigue Standing Mat Saves Money

When any type of business purchases cost-effective standing mats for counters, work stations, assembly lines, and security booths the result is money savings on multiple levels. An anti fatigue standing mat relieves pressure on feet, knees, hips, and back by absorbing shock. Employees are comfortable, have more energy, and are more productive than working without a mat. On assembly lines the result is increased productivity, less rejected inventory, and better quality assurance. Employees are able more alert, able to concentrate, and pay closer attention to the job at hand. The result in retail stores or coffee shops is better customer service, a positive attitude, and more attentive workers. Business will increase, along with revenues.

Employees who are not tired or sore will require less sick days, will not suffer from pulled muscles, and will not experience as many injuries on the job. Workers compensation claims will be reduced, as will overtime costs to cover employees out on leave. Those who are fatigued get more colds, headaches, and flu s. Symptoms require more medical appointments, can result in more emergency room visits, and will cause group benefit insurance rates to increase. That may result in the ability to provide competitive benefits packages to employees. Health care costs are rising at an alarming rate, so benefits are important to those seeking jobs. Attracting, hiring, and retaining the best employees and professionals may be impeded by a poor benefits package.

Another area where mats can save the business money is safety. Standing on a beveled mat designed to stay in place and prevent tripping will result in less stumbles, falls, and incident reports. Diligent adherence to safety protocols, as well as added measures to keep staff and customers safe, can lead to lower liability insurance premiums. Excellent safety inspections means zero fines for non-compliance. Days accumulated with no incidents is also a wonderful public relations speaking point. People will want to work, visit, and shop at places where ownership and management show they care about safety. Finding simple ways to make work more enjoyable, keep employees productive and happy, and reduce costs will help any business operate leaner and efficiently.