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Louis Vuitton Ornement Tribal Rings

The numerous beads jewelry worn around Masai people’s necklaces not only show off talent and patience but also their positions in society. I guess this is the same with luxurious designer jewelry. The Louis Vuitton ornament tribal rings will delineate not only your fashion sense but also your wealth and social status. The Masai necklace is distinguished by contrasting colors so that they hardly ever put similar colors next to each other. Obviously it is not the same crafting principle of Louis Vuitton jewelry.

There are all together three differently sized Louis Vuitton rings in this ornement tribal collection, which is characterized by vibrantly colored precious stones and harmonious circles. The small elegant ring in white gold is set off by a contrasting band of diamonds, in yellow gold with yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets. The normal sized stunning Louis Vuitton ornament tribal ring highlights two overlapping circles, one of which is accented with an iconic monogram flower. The small tribal ring is available at a price of $4,100.00 while the latter is only available at a price of $8,600.00, and that is not the most expensive one. There is a large ring featuring a spectacular design of overlapping circles and a monogram flower comes along. The ring is indeed beautiful and so does its price tag — $16,400.00.